About Nancy Meiland

Nancy Meiland is a perfumer and trained nose who shaped her career in bespoke perfumery, designing signature scent for those coveting something highly individual and special.

About Paper Leaf

PAPER LEAF is Nancy’s first collection of five fragrances as Nancy Meiland PARFUMS. She has created them as an ode to all she treasures, and her hope is that they come to mean the same to those who wear them.

Our Belief

Our belief is that every scent that touches your skin defines you and redefines your space, helping to project the image of yourself that you want to convey.

Signature Scenting

Nancy Meiland Parfums also offers SIGNATURE SCENTING – an indulgently sensorial way to arrive at a scent that’s wholly you.

I am almost magnetically drawn to the creation of a scent. It’s a delicate interlacing of art, alchemy, people and places

For more information, please contact Nancy Meiland via the Contact Us section.